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Fantasy Land of Fairies
A Fairy Meadow


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"Believe in the fairies, and the child in you shall live forever more."




I wait for God, as I go to sleep, I stretch out my hand for His hand to keep.
I look for Fairies where grass is deep, And once where I heard a bell on a sheep.
The Saint who comes at Christmas time is not so much all mine.
He surely comes. for Christmas Day, but I never ask the Saint to stay.
He brings me beautiful things to keep, but I liked best the bell on the sheep.
God and the Fairies I cannot see, are the ones I want to stay with me.
They always stay with me through the night, but they go just before the room turns light.
It is always just God or just the Fairies who stay, but I never know which, or which goes away.
But once I awoke when it was still dark, and something made me hush and hark.
My hand which I'd left outside the sheets, was tucked very gently beneath my cheek.
So I knew it was God who stayed that night, and then I slept till it was light.
And when my hand stays out on the bed, I guess that the Fairies are there instead.
I think the Fairies bring the dreams and when I awake and my room seems
Very strange, because I've played all night in a woodsey glade in my dreaming,
Then I know the Fairy Folk who made it so. Fairy Folk who slide on a thin moon's ray,
But always something has been there, to feel my room with Bay and air,
To make one feel so sweet and wise, before I open my eyes.
But sometimes when it's bright and day, I feel alone and I must pray.
I am sure then, and yet I say, "God and the Fairies, be true, be true! I am the child who waits for you!"

Louise Townsend Nicholl


"Bid me discourse, I will enchant thine ear,
Or like a fairy, trip upon the grass,
Or like a nymph, with long, dishevelled hair,
Dance on the sands, and yet no footing scenes;
Love is a spirit all compact of fire;
Not gross to stink, but light, and will aspire."

William Shakespeare





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