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Fantasy Land of Fairies
SHE a night fairy


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(Jack Prelutsky)

In the darkest part of the forest's heart,
In the bowels of a stunted tree,
Dwell the fairy fair, with the fiery hair,
Who bears the name of "She".

"She" is rare of face, with an airy grace,
But evil fills her breast.
By day she sleeps, by night she creeps,
And the forest knows no rest!

When the black bat flys through the cold night sky,
She leaves her bed of ferns,
And softly moves on cloven hooves,
As the earth beneath her burns.

When the fairy folk, those wisps of smoke,
Who flit about the flowers.
Sit in the shade of a grass green glade,
They whisper of her powers!

They sit and tell of an evil spell,
That turned her soul to stone.
And drove their Queen of Fairy Green,
To the deep daark woods alone.

Now evermore on forest floor,
The star-crossed fairy flows,
Her fiery eyes slay butterflies,
And stills the fragrant rose.

Do not go near the forest drear!
Where lives no bird or bee!
Beware! Beware! Of the fairy fair,
Who bears the name of "She".





Fantasy Land of Fairies

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