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Fantasy Land of Fairies
Fairies And Poetry 4


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Fairy Fashion
(Valerie Worth)

They may take strange
Forms, but never say
They can't be seen--
Only they have a way
Of rearranging things!
Of fitting together
Cold lilysilver
Bodies and dark-netted
Dragonfly wings!

A way of useing roses
For faces, dew---
Globes for eyes, and
Spider-silks for hair--
Even their clothing of
Faint moonlight is no
Disguise, but just
The common fashion
All the garden wears!




Come away, oh human child,
To the water and the wild,
With a fairy, hand in hand,
For the world's more full of weeping,
Than you can understand!
(William Butler Yeats)




The Fairies Have Never A Penny
(Rose Fylemann)

The fairies have never a penny to spend,
They haven't a thing put by!
But theirs is the dower of bird and flower,
And theirs is the earth and the sky!

And though you should live in a palace of gold,
Or sleep in a dried-up ditch!
You could never be as poor as the fairies are,
And never so rich!

Since ever and ever the world began,
They have danced like a ribbon of flame,
They have sung their song through centruies long
And yet it is never the same!

And though you be foolish or though you be wise,
With hair of silver or gold,
You could never be young as the fairies are,
And never be as old!


SHE a night fairy

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