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Fantasy Land of Fairies
Fairies and Pixies


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Where did the fantasy of fairies come from? Who began the wonderful childhood dreams of little beings, who live in our gardens, meadows, and woods. Where did they come from?

Sir James M. Barrie had his own theory:

When the first baby laughed for the first time,
The laugh broke into a thousand pieces,
And they all went skipping about,
And that was the beginning of fairies!



My Fairy Friend
Little Fairy; oh so small,
Do you really exist at all?
Are you here in the flowered meadow,
Or am I dreaming, and you're only a shadow?

Tell me truly, tell me real.
Is it you, this tickleing I feel?
Are your wings so soft and sweet
Brushing and fluttering against my feet?

Walking along through the grasses high,
Hearing you softly whisper a sigh,
Is it you, or only the wind?
Tell me truly, my little friend!

(JC Watson)





Have you ever seen a fairy dance?
Fluttering so delicately on her wing.
Watching, she will take her chance,
And fly away, can you hear her sing?

Don't blink your eyes, don't look away!
She will vanish into the bright sky.
You will wonder if she'll return someday,
Gazing after her way up high.

Don't despair, don't feel blue,
Look for her among the flowers,
She'll return when the mornings new,
And dance again for hours and hours!

(JC Watson)


Several of the poems on this site are my originals, please don't take them without my permission. Thank you
JC Watson


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